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Issue related to ticket support ID 36350611.

We have an issue with a client that has the store address in the United States.

We have created a location through our app. This location is based inside the EU.

For orders being fulfilled from this EU warehouse, no duties should be charged.

However, we've noticed duties are being charged on orders shipping from this EU warehouse, which is not accurate.


So the issue here is that the duties are being charged for the domestic orders inside the EU. And these should be charged Sales tax, and not Duties.
Upon checking with the tax team,  shopify support team mentioned that this is due to the fact that the app location is not showing on shopify end, so the system takes the store's location (in the US) instead. Which results in charging duties. 


It is not clear for me where I should set up the fulfillment service location address such that it would have one of our EU warehouse addresses.

Could you provide some technical support on this matter as I can't find it in your REST API documentation here


Thank you!


Through our app on install we create a fulfillment service location by calling the REST API route POST https://{store_name}

    "fulfillment_service": {
        "name": "Frisbo",
        "callback_url": {callbackUrl},
        "inventory_management": true,
        "tracking_support": false,
        "requires_shipping_method": true,
        "format": "json"
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We are litrerally about to start doing the same and need a fix!!!

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Yes! having the same issue. There seems to be no way to assign an address to a fulfillmentService. I am importing products and using a fulfillment service as the location for the product. I can't assign the fulfillment service when creating the product because its an ApiFulfillmentService. I also cant change the address with the location Api because the fulfillment service location is marked as legacy. This needs to be fixed to allow us to associate an address with fulfillment services we create through api.

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Have guys solved this problem yet? 

It's a headache not being able to change the address