Set oversell threshold?

Set oversell threshold?

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We experience the following problem: 


- We'd like to oversell units from time to time (e.g., order arrived in our warehouse but is not in the system yet)

- However, we miss an option to set an oversell threshold or at least set an alert once a specific of items is oversold
- For example: We have 10 product items in our warehouse but not in the system yet, we start overselling, we want to stop overselling at exact 10 oversold items (or send an alert once this threshold is reached)


Apparently, we did not find an app to manage this issue (might be possible with extensive and expensive inventory management apps which is not an option for us at the moment). The Shopify Flow app might be an option as well but we'd have to set process streams per product unit which is too complicated. 


Any idea how to solve this? Help/feedback would be much appreciated. 


Best regards, 



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