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I've created a Fulfillment app that handles fulfillments via API – all successfully running, the fulfillment service created via GraphQL (with fulfillmentOrdersOptIn = true) is running smoothly through the entire flow.


However, I'm hitting a wall trying to set the physical location of the fulfillment service's location, which is automatically created upon fulfillmentServiceCreate mutation. I don't see any params in GraphQL that let me set this on create, and if I attempt to retrieve and then later edit the appropriate location ID via locationEdit mutation, it returns "not found" on the id i've only just pulled back – from reading elsewhere in the forums, I believe it's because locationEdit can't edit locations created automatically for fulfillment services.


It seems the service is being created by default with my partner location, or perhaps just Shopify's location, who can say (Canada), and no further address details, but the app is actually for a warehouse in Berlin, and — for reasons beyond the scope of this request, but trust me, they exist — I need my client's order routing flow to know that this is where it's based.


What's the correct method to set this?

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We have this same problem.  One of our clients is using a plugin that generates shipping labels using the the location as the origination.  There is no API call that we have found that will let us change the address on the location.  If you happen to get this figured out I would appreciate you following up and I will do likewise.

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We are in the same boat.. Maybe if more people tag on to this it'll get some Shopify attention.

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