Shopify and Vinculum Inventory Sync is not working properly

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 We integrated Shopify with a SAAS based WMS application (Vinculum) for the fulfillment of our online orders. They were syncing the inventory onto Shopify from their platform. When they push inventory onto Shopify, they are receiving success from Shopify as a response. Only a few listings on Shopify are getting synced properly and a few are not syncing properly. But their platform is receiving "success" responses for all the listings they push onto Shopify.

Expecting a solution to the issue from Shopify Developer support or anyone who have come across this issue.

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If you have a large inventory, it may take a while before the inventory syncs over. This may happen over a few hours with Shopify rate limiting. 

If the problem persists, it's likely on your side (Vinculum) in which case you should work with them. If you'd want to try a modern, mobile WMS with a visual layout, purchasing, granular item location detail, and pick-pack-ship functionality specifically for Shopify stores head over to SKUSavvy and try it out. 

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Thank you Kingstore for the post.

The inventory sync is working fine from the Vinculum side, as there were receiving a successful response from Shopify. However, the correct inventory is not been updated on Shopify and still we get success in response from them.

There are near about 2k SKUs that are on Vinculum for to sync. We have given a 6 hour window once the sync button is enabled so to ensure the inventory data is synced on to Shopify from Vinculum. I think it is a sufficient time frame for to sync 2k SKUs.

If the concern is at the Vinculum side, is there any way they would be able to analyze the results posted on Shopify. 

It would be easy for the Vinculum team to diagnose and fix the issue if they would know what is Shopify is fetching and how fast it is taking to fetch the data.