Shopify Bundle vs Shipping Zones vs Inventory

Shopify Bundle vs Shipping Zones vs Inventory

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Hey everyone,

I need some help with an issue related to Shopify bundles. Here’s a quick background and the problem I’m facing:


  • We offer a quantity discount for 3 units and we want the discount to be displayed
  • Because we need to ship a bundle of 3 as 3 different shipments, Shopify Bundles force you to create an additional product page to create the bundle:
  • But the inventory is managed by the "real" product page that we haven't linked anywhere:
  • We ship from three different locations
    • Los Angeles for North America
    • Amsterdam for Europe 
    • Shenzen for the rest of the world

Current Issues:

  1. Inventory Mismatch: for the users, Inventory levels are showing the same across all locations (U.S., Europe, Asia) instead of being region-specific. Customers in different regions should see the correct stock for their area. For example, for american customers, a product out of stock in the US inventory still shows the rest of the stock from other warehouses. 
  2. Bundle Confusion: The bundle product has limited publication methods. (eg. Instagram and other social media stores are not available, only online store)

Need Help With:

  • Displaying accurate regional inventory on product pages.
  • Merge both product pages for ease of management 

Any advice or app recommendations to fix this?



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Hi @FlorianPhilippe,


I understand your issue. Our app, Profit Bundles, can help you here. The problem is a bit complex, so I suggest download the app and book a 1:1 Google Meet with our experts. They will be able to help you resolve all of your issues during the meeting.

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