Shopify doesn't send fulfillment request notification

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we handle fulfillments for our customer by installing a fulfillment service, listening to order webhooks and automatically create fulfillment requests (so the merchant doesn't have to do it manually).

Everything works fine: order webhook is received, some validations pass, we create the fulfillment request, receive the fulfillment request notification and eventually fulfill the order.


But: There is one product in the merchant's shop that - for whatever reason - breaks this workflow.

If an order, that contains this product, is created, we receive the order webhook, perform our validations and create the fulfillment request. And at that point the whole workflow stops. When we have a look into such an order's history we can see that our app has requested the fulfillment for that order, but Shopify did never send the fulfillment request notification for that order.


It works fine with all other products, except this specific one.

I already compared the product's details with a "working" one - everything has been set up the same way. No differences (except for the product details, of course).


Question: Is there any way to find out why Shopify might not send fulfillment request notifications?


What I've noticed so far is that Shopify stops communicating with our fulfillment service when there have been too much error responses or timeouts. But that's not the case here. Every call to our fulfillment service results in a HTTP 200.


Thank you very much in advance



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