Shopify Growing Pains & Fulfillment

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Shipping App

I currently use the app FedEx Ship, Rate & Pack app.  It worked well at the start, but now I have nothing but problems with it.  Yesterday we had to shut down Shopify in between each and every order we fulfilled in order to get the app to work creating a nightmare. After that, we are looking to make a switch into something more seamless and integrate more carriers. 

We ship a lot of various size products and a fair about worldwide so calculation of the boxes and weight is very important to us as it can take away the profit of an order very quickly if calculated incorrectly.  The app has done a fair job with this.  Any suggestions?


Looking for:

  • Real time rates: FedEx (my account) UPS and USPS (Shopify Rates) 
  • Print Commercial Invoices and BOL
  • Mark orders as fulfilled and send tracking to customers
  • Auto pack and weight based on product sizes and boxes loaded into the system.


Bundle Kit App

We are also using the Bundle Kit App and there are limited options for how to fulfill the order from a bundle.  Currently we have BUNDLE NAME (the title given to the bundle) which automatically fulfills once an order is placed.  This leaves the BUNDLE ITEMS (what is actually in the bundle) unfulfilled on the packing list for our fulfillment center to pull from. 


This is perfect as the fulfillment center can’t keep track of what’s in each of our bundles but just needs to know what to include in the order. 


We have a few problems, the first is even though the bundle name is automatically fulfilled on the order, it still shows up when we go to ship the order through FedEx Ship, Rate and Pack.  This causes us to have to manually go into each bundle order and repack it. 


The second issue is it interferes with the calculation of the size and weight of our products many times overestimating or underestimating the shipping costs.

Any suggestions?

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