Stock inventory allowing multi buys without each variant needing its own stock level?

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Hi all, 


Looking for an inventory system that will allow me to offer products with options that include multi buy that I discount the price and will deduct from stock level accordingly.  




I sell an item (say a herb) with option: 'weight' with 5g, 10g & 20g variants.  


I also want an option: 'pieces' with 1, 2 & 5 pcs variants. I DONT want to have to issue a stock level for each of the 'pcs' variants.


Say I have a stock of 100 x 5g, 100 x 10g and 100 x 20g


An order is placed, say  5g, 2pcs x qty 1 (=2pcs).  This will then deduct from master stock level.


At present I would have to place a stock amount for the varient 5g, 2pcs which means I have to pre assign how many 1pcs,2pcs and 5pcs I want to sell like that, which is hard to predict, hence wanting to give customers the ability to multi buy and have it come directly from a master stock level. 


Make sense?



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We have a workflow automation that can sync up these inventory levels across variants:

Sync Inventory Levels For Bundle Components In Shopify