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Hey team,

I've seen few messages regarding syncing databases etc. Our client has a successful shop on Shopify and would like to build his own custom one. So it will be 2 databases that should be synchronized. We had a conversation with the Cart2Cart team but so far they cannot offer us a solution with continuous integration (synchronization) of two databases. 

 Fe how inventory gets updated between the two. So if I have 1000 t-shirts on Shopify, and I start selling on another shop (our new one), would I have to remove 500 t-shirts from my Shopify inventory and then put 500 t-shirts on the new platform inventory? Or is the inventory constantly being updated via some tool?

We need all the products (on both DB) to be immediately updated when some customer buy something via Shopify or our new platform.

We expect to have a lot of users (approx few hundred thousand) and before we start we want to choose the most efficient way to do it. Would you specify how efficient it would be if we use some API requests to check databases automatically for any updates?

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Hey @YuriiTyvodar,

I actually do a lot of work in this area. I'd tackle this using Shopify's webhooks + the API. Effectively the way it would work is whenever a product's inventory level is updated on Shopify (via a transaction etc) you'd receive a message into your other system saying update this inventory level to X. You'll also do it the other way, when the other store updates the inventory for an item, you'd feed it through to Shopify and update the inventory level there.

Let me know if this is something you'd like help with, I'm a Shopify Partner and do a lot of work with APIs and integrations.



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We have done this two way inventory integration for multiple clients and have a dashboard view for you to track and monitor successful syncs & failures. Please see case study below for one example.

Please DM or email me at to discuss

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