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I've developed an application for a logistic company. The app allows to create "app location" where orders can be get and fulfilled, the stock is set up correctly on the app location. Then i set up on the Shopifys priority location so the orders are fulfilled by the location of the logistic center in priority. Everything is working fine on several Shopify but i still have a problem :
External applications like Recharge Checkout create orders on the default location and don't (or can't) respect the priority location set up in Shopify. I've contacted the support of the app but they tell me to set up properly the location. For me everything is fine and it's just the application that doenst follow the rules of locations priority.
Can someone tell me if i made something wrong ? If i can make something better ?

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Hi Nuzz,


The problem you're experiencing with Recharge and other apps, could be related to how those apps are built. It's possible that Recharge and other apps are currently not designed to correctly interpret the custom locations that your app has set up for stores, or that they are not capturing the priority that you're setting.


If a third-party application creates an order, it might not use the location priority and instead use the default location or a location specified by the application. When you contacted Recharge were they able to provide a workaround or confirm that their app doesn't support location priorities?


Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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I contacted Recharge support 3 times. Their last email was to tell me to contact Shopify support. Here are the emails they sent:

First mail : 

"Thanks for following up. As previously advised, once the update is made in Shopify, our team will need to run a regen in order to update your queued orders. I've just run the regen and it does take about 15 minutes to update. Once this is complete, can you confirm that the correct settings are pulling through?"


Then the new orders coming from Recharge were still on the default location. I told the so and this is their answer : 

"Thanks for following up. Since your shipping settings, including location, are setup in Shopify, I recommend that you contact Shopify Support to get this setup correctly. Once this is done, let us know, and we can run a regen so that it pulls from the correct location."


I told them everything is set up correctly and still waiting for their answer. But i really don't know what else can i do.

If Recharge can't handle my location correctly, is there something i could do to route all the orders to my locations ? 


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I still don't have any solution, coming from Recharge or other places. Is there anything i could do ?

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Hi Advanced Fulfillment Rules can do this, we have users that use ReCharge and use our app to manage the fulfillment location of the orders created by it