Third-party payment providers does not properly active with Shopify store

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This is extremely frustrating, any help would be much appreciated. 


I have two payment gateway to use on Shopify:

1. Authorize.NET

2. First Data Payeezy


Both payment gateway has the same issue with my Shopify store. When I connect the Payment gateway on Shopify I use the API Login ID/Transaction Key. After I clicked on Active, it will say the gateway is activated, but when I go to do a test payment with my card it will have an error message saying "There was an issue processing your payment. Try again or use a different payment method." This does not just happen to my card, but also to all of my customers who attempted to make payments using the payment methods.


I have contacted Authorize.NET and First Data Payeezy many times. The answer that I'm getting from both of them are very similar "Transactions aren't getting over to us". If the payment gateway is properly connected on Shopify, even if there is any decline in the payment, their gateway terminal would show the transactions are being declined or with any response code, there is simply nothing showing up. 


Any help would be much appreciated. 

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I'm having the same issue wish someone would respond with a solution

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HI @PaymentHelp @Alyssajohnson 

It can be due to many reasons. 

1) These gateways applications was not configured correctly from merchant site.

2) Missing data on Shopoify Checkout form/ or not supported fields such as country or currency.

3) Application is not connected to application hosted servers.




Checkout  or transaction value do not support with 

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