Trying to get payment processing for Us based company UK based founder. Help

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I have registered my business in Delaware (through stripe) and my business will operate in the US. However, I live in the UK. Due to this I am having significant trouble being accepted for payment processing. I am being asked to provide proof of British registration in order to enable payments which is something obviously I don't have. All my other documents are in order, US business registration and UK proof of address. Is this something you have experienced? How do international people get payment processing?

Thanks a lot for any help.

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Hi there
Thanks for the reply.
I have some questions.

Set up recurring billing. - By this do you mean pay for a subscription? I
have one already.
Accept mobile payments. - Do you mean point of sale payments?
Use email invoicing.
Accept electronic checks (eChecks).
Accept cryptocurrency payments.

Will this then allow me to use Shopify's payment systems or will all orders
have to be done via email invoicing?

Thanks for the help