Update location of Individual SKU via API

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We are looking for updating default fulfilment location of each item in order via API. As our current orders move to default location based on shopify logic, But we are planning to listen to shopify order webhook and move order to different fulfilment location.

We have used move API, but we observed I can't split items into multiple fulfilment order using API.

POST /admin/api/2021-01/fulfillment_orders/{fulfillment_order_id}/move.json

Our observation

  • Shopify auto assigns location to items in order.
  • We can move location only after order is placed and assigned to default location
    • If order items are assigned to 2 different locations, I can move any item to a new location.
    • If order items are assigned to single location, I can't move single item to new location

Any solution for this.

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So I found a hacky solution with graphql. Just have a look for my code here :