Updating Order status to fulfilled using Shopify API

Updating Order status to fulfilled using Shopify API

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We are running our own warehouse also with our software solution for collecting goods. We are downloading New orders from Order API and collect them using our warehouse system. After collecting and packing order we are reading them with RFID reader (our inventory have RFID labels) and if content is correct, subsequently printing Shipping Label using other third party shipper's API's, like DHL. 


I have attached general video here for reference.


But I have one problem afterwards. After printing label we would like to update our order status as Fulfilled. It seems pretty straightforward need for most of operations, but I can' find exactly what I am looking for from Shopify Order API, Fulfillment API and Fulfillment Order API. 


Could you please suggest how to update status of our original order to Fulfilled and update tracking information?


Thank you very much!


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Hi, What is the app you're using to generate RFID labels for your inventory and how did you integrate it with shopify.


Appreciate any help.

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Through our solution a user can print serialized RFID labels, then scan Shopify orders and marry the corresponding RFID tags to the order. If this is something you need we'd love to chat.