Use Update order API and change status unfulfillment to fulfillment

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Hello Support, I want to share one problem regarding the order update fulfillment status in the Shopify account using Shopify order API. I have set up a webhook in the ship station. When an order is created in Shopify, the order is also get added to the ship station at the same time.  after that admin add a tax on that particular order and change the status (Shipped). When admin is updating an order from Shipstation then the same order in Shopify should be update to fulfillment status. I also calling an update order API to change the status but they are not reflecting in Shopify store. So could you please suggest me that change the fulfillment order status is possible in Shopify?

I am using this request in postman 

  "order": {
    "note":"This is for testing purpose",
The request status is 200 Ok but fulfillment_status is not changed.
Please help me if any solution for this.
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