Where is the Python API Documentation?

Where is the Python API Documentation?

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Hello, I'm unable to find the Python API documentation. 


some brief examples here that are helpful



There's two links there to https://shopify.dev/ 

can't find anything about python




under the python link just has a link to

https ://shopify.github.io/shopify_python_api/ 

This has a promising link to

>Additional Resources Shopify API <= Read the tech docs!


Which links to http://api.shopify.com/  but just take back to https://shopify.dev/ 


Can anyone post whatever documentation once existed?

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I am a little confused by this as well, being ranked fourth among the top 100 popular languages by TIOBE you would think if Shopify wants to be a leader in e-commerce they would not only improve this confusion with different API access points, but also have good integration with one of the more popular languages.