Why not the SKU in a fulfillment order?

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Is it just me, or why isn't there a SKU field in an fulfilment order? To my humble opinion, that is the most important property of line_items. 
See: https://shopify.dev/api/admin/rest/reference/shipping-and-fulfillment/fulfillmentorder

"line_items": [
"id": 466157049,
"shop_id": 3998762,
"fulfillment_order_id": 1568020,
"line_item_id": 466157049,
"inventory_item_id": 6588097,
"quantity": 1,
"fulfillable_quantity": 1,
"variant_id": 2385087

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Exactly, this API is useless without it. And its in the GraphQL so why have REST if its not actually going to contain the useful info.