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I have an outside script that comes in and grabs orders for a given time period. It has worked without error for years (with occasional updates for new api releases and such) now with the latest use the script is getting a 404 from shopify for the url it produces, https://catalogdev.myshopify.com/admin/status=any&limit=250&created_at_min=2022-03-28&created_at_max... This url will also produce a 404 if used on the admin console (while logged in properly) any suggestions?

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Hi there! 

I am not sure if something changed recently which caused your script to no longer work, but I would recommend updating it to the document way of getting orders between two dates. Specifying the API version, as well as the resource you are trying to retrieve.

e.g. /admin/api/2022-04/orders.json

You can see the full documentation here!

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