AA Shopify's 3 decimal point issue

AA Shopify's 3 decimal point issue

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Hi there,


I hope I've come to the right place.


I'm trying to get an issue fixed which is to do with the Shopify to AA Core sale transactions.


Just to advise, there is an API that send purchase data from Shopify to an application called AA Core.


There are some sales that are being returned with 3 decimal points which is being rejected by the AA Core system These are coming about when there are discounts of say 20%, 30% or 50% being applied to the sale prices of the items being bought.

Example would be

A Shopify sale consisting of 4 items, normal price $21.99 and a discount of 30% is being applied.
30% off $21.99 = $15.393 is what is being returned from Shopify to AA Core which is being rejected.

If there is a way for Shopify to send totals ending in 2 decimal places, i.e $15.39 then that would be perfect.

Currently, it's sending the totals in 3 decimal places, i.e. $15.393 which is causing the issue.

Some of the recent examples from UAT have been attached for your reference. Please note, on the front end the prices are being shown in totals ending with 2 decimal points, but in the back end the totals are being send in 3 decimal points.

I have attached some example screenshots that shows the frontend transactions of the totals. I don't have access to the backend and hence I can't send through what is being returned in the backend.

Please let me know if this could be resolved on your side.



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