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Hi Team,
I'm unable to fetch the abandoned cart API because the "Shopify dev" provided abandoned checkout but I required abandoned carts those not purchased.
I have found only this JSON API only  
 Does someone have any idea about the "abandoned cart"  data using API?
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Hi @shalukumari - "abandoned checkouts" are how we refer to what some others may call "abandoned carts". The /admin/api/2022-10/checkouts.json endpoint you provided is the correct one to query through REST. 

You can confirm if the checkout is completed by looking at the completed_at field which would provide a timestamp of when the abandoned checkout has been paid for. If the checkout hasn't been completed, it would have a null value rather than a timestamp. There is a bit more information here in an older post from one of my colleagues. 


Hope this helps - please let us know if we can clarify anything on our end. 

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