Accessing Liquid Theme via GraphQL/API?

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I got data that should be displayed and saved as a product for the client. However the data isn't really products, more like events. So I will add metafields so I can customize the data to my needs.

I will not know which Theme the user is currently using, so the plan is to make a custom page for those collections which display the products like events.
The issue is, that if I would just let them be displayed in any theme, the product fields would not get shown by the template.

Is there a way to modify templates via GraphQL or an API from my application (app/server)?

Is there another way to solve this?

Since all of the content has to be SEO ready, I can not rely on loading everything client side with Javascript from our API. (which would be really easy...)

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You can do that through -[version]=2020-07

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Any idea if I can dynamically load in these assets with some JS or similar, since I can not add them via the asset_url() ?