Additional Setup to Use shopifyqlQuery?

Additional Setup to Use shopifyqlQuery?

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Curious if there is something I need to do to activate the capability to run the shopifyqlQuery function. I'm successfully running other cURL request examples from the documentation using the unstable version of the GraphQL API no problem but when I try and drop in this function I get a 'Bad Request' response. My personal app has read_reports scope.




-d '{
"query": "{ shopifyqlQuery(query: "from sales show total_sales by month since -1y until today") { __typename ... on TableResponse { tableData { rowData columns { name dataType displayName } } } parseErrors { code message range { start { line character } end { line character } } } } }"




This example is lifted directly from the docs here:

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Hey, I am receiving the same thing. Were you able to resolve?

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It is an old question, but just in case it is useful here my answer. I believe your issue was related to the version of the API used. Try using this one or higher: '2023-04'


At the time of writing this question, there was probably a beta version of the api(?)