addVariantToOrderAndCommit causes an additional fulfilment to be added to order

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Hey guys,


We're using the GraphQL API to add free products to some orders post-purchase:


mutation beginEdit(
      $orderId: ID!
      orderEditBegin(id: $orderId){

 Followed by:

mutation addVariantToOrderAndCommit(
      $calculatedOrderId: ID!
      $variantId: ID!
      $quantity: Int!
      $allowDuplicates: Boolean
      orderEditAddVariant(id: $calculatedOrderId, variantId: $variantId, quantity: $quantity, allowDuplicates: $allowDuplicates){
        calculatedOrder {
          addedLineItems(first:5) {
            edges {
              node {
        userErrors {

We're POSTing this to the /admin/api/2021-10/graphql.json endpoint.


The item gets added correctly to an order, HOWEVER, the call creates and the item gets added into a new fulfilment, rather than into the existing fulfilment, which causes major problems for our dispatch team (as the items are small enough to send out in a single fulfilment, and our shipping label mechanism goes into sensory overload)


Once an order is edited, we see the following in the order management screen:


Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 15.25.png

Some additional points which may be of importance here:

  • The order is paid but always unfulfilled when we send the API call
  • All items in the original order (pre-API-edit) are on SubscriptionContracts with SellingPlans
  • We're using Bold Subscriptions to manage subscriptions
  • We're adding a standard product variant to the order, not a special "free gift" product - the product has a shipping weight and normal price, which we 100% discount.
  • We have a "Subscriptions" delivery profile, set up via the GraphQL API, which is only applicable to products on SellingPlans

Has anyone experienced this before or know a way to combine fulfilments?




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