[Admin REST API] Inconsistent number of customers and limits

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I imported 500 customers through the web UI. I have a custom app installed to my store and an access token with every single possible permission.


- The UI shows that I have 500 customers.

- customers/count.json shows that I have 501 customers.

- With default (50 record) pagination the 1st page returns 49 customers, then the 2nd...10th pages returns 50 customers and there's a 11th that returns 1 customer.

- the ...customers.json?limit=1 returns 1 customer, the ...customer.json?limit=2 returns 1 customer then the customer.json?limit=n returns n-1 customers.


What's happening?



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Yeah, there is an issue with filtering in both the grapqhl and rest api's.


Record your shopify request id's and get in contact with your partner support and inform them of the bug. Shopify dev team don't look here all that much.


@ShopifyDevSup  here is another anomaly with pagination





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