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Looking the access scopes documentation I see some scopes are marked with "permissions required" tag (like read_orders) and some are not.

What does this tag mean? how is requesting read_orders different from read_products for example?

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Hey @8data_dev ,


That flag indicates that the resource may require additional scopes in order to request or write certain fields that can be accessed.


For instance, a call to the Draft Orders API can allow you to create a draft order, and also apply a customer to the order. If you are utilizing an existing customer profile in your draft order data, and you attempt to modify the data in the customer array portion of the draft order in a way that overwrites any existing values for that customer profile, you would need access to the Customers/Write scope in order to be able to submit that draft order payload.


Orders, Draft Orders, and Customers endpoints all contain data that may require usage of the each other's access scopes in order to utilize the endpoints properly.

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