API call rate increase and Transaction processing speed

API call rate increase and Transaction processing speed

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Hi there, 


Using a subscription based app called Appstle and I'm wanting to know if increasing the API call rate on this app will have any effect (hoping for faster) transaction processing speeds. 

Will increasing the call rate have an effect on transaction processing speeds?



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Hi Teganc,


Seal Subscriptions here, a subscriptions app for Shopify stores (https://apps.shopify.com/seal-subscriptions). Increasing the API call rate limit most likely won't make much of a difference. This usually comes down to the actual implementation of the Shopify API in the app itself.
For example, in our Seal Subscriptions app, we have recently released an update to our code, which processes transaction incredibly faster. For example, our app has a feature, which allows customers to charge themselves at any time (if they want to) and the app processes that transaction a second after they click the button to charge themselves.


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