Re: API endpoint to validate username and password of customers?

API endpoint to validate username and password of customers?

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Hi all,


We're selling a downloadable software product using a recurring subscription business model.

Here's the workflow:

  1. Our customers download our software product from our website and install it on their machine
  2. The customer can use the non-paying features to test our product
  3. They decide they want to purchase a subscription to enable the paying features
  4. They go in the website and create a user account
  5. In the website, they then purchase a monthly subscription
  6. Once their order is confirmed, they enter their account's username & password directly in the software product and click on a "validate" button
  7. The software product must then call Shopify API directly to validate that the username and password is correct, and that the user's subscription is valid and paid for
  8. The user can then use the paying features of the software product

Which Shopify API endpoint can the software product call to accomplish the username/password validation part of step 7?



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Did you ever find a solution for this?