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I am building an app that connects to a Shopify store and gets orders data for tax processing purposes.

The app is in the review process currently and the review has been rejected because we don't have the install process implemented for stores that are not registered in our system. The app is unlisted and at this moment we would like to have connecting to Shopify API only for clients registered in our system.


Is there any option of connecting to Shopify API for our existing clients that have shops on Shopify  without having to implement installing app for all other Shopify merchants (that are not in our system) - considering the fact the app will be unlisted? 

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Hello @hrvojeK 

Wanted to pass on a few insights here. 

If the end goal is to build an app that will be available to multiple merchants it would need to be a Public App, all of which share the same general requirements regardless of visibility (listed, unlisted) - see full list of requirements here. Additionally, public app installation is initiated by a merchant and will need to follow the outlined authentication and authorization processes. 

If you are looking for any further clarification or have questions related to an app review in progress, I'd suggest heading to the Partner Dashboard > Support menu and connection with the Partner Support team. They can authenticate with you to take a closer look at your account, help provide clarification, and pass on any other documentation if needed. 


awwdam | API Support @ Shopify
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