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Hi there,


I've recently posted an existing thread with several questions relating to my usage of the billing API, and received some useful answers from Shayne at Shopify, but had some further questions. I'm reposting those here, on a new thread, as I really need these answers as quickly as possible - they're holding back a crucial production release where I work.


I'll summarise the remaining questions below:


Firstly, could I get the exact, specific payload payload formats of the APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_UPDATE and APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_APPROACHING_CAPPED_AMOUNT webhooks? The latter would be particularly useful as it doesn't seem to be firing on my test subscriptions - I have inferred the format of the former by logging the request bodies. Is there anything I should know about APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_UPDATE past what I can guess from the request body as posted on the other thread?


Secondly, the previous answers implied that I would get information on subscription charges, as they happened, through the APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_UPDATE webhook. However, none of the payloads I've seen seem to provide this information, and I can't find anywhere on the AppSubscription data type that charges might be listed. Where can I get this information?


Next up, is there a complete list of all events that fire the APP_SUBSCRIPTION_UPDATE webhook anywhere, and, if not, could that list be provided here? For example, my testing seems to indicate that it's not fired when the app is uninstalled and the subscription is cancelled (which was surprising).


Also, I'm noticing that AppSubscription.currentPeriodEnd seems to show the wrong date, but I've found forum posts where it's mentioned that this is normal behaviour for test subscriptions. Has this been fixed to match 'production' subscriptions yet, or is this still the case?


Finally, does Shopify send an email to merchants when they reach 90% of their capped usage amount for that month? I've seen it mentioned on the merchant-facing documentation that they'll get an email when that happens, so I assume that's the case? As mentioned before, the event doesn't seem to get triggered in my test subscriptions so I can't test this myself.


Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

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