As a payment provider i need information about the orders that has been paid.

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Hi there, I developed a payment integration which is nowadays is an available public app. 

I need to be able to get information about the orders that has been paid. As payment provider, I get  only a little of the order information. 

And when I resolve the payment with Shopify I'm not being able to send an internal ID so the merchant can bind a order in its Shopify admin panel with the payment.

Is there any way to:
a) Send some extra information that is not in the documentation at the moment of the payment resolve so i send a payment identifier.
b) Get an order via API and get the Shopify payment id / gid ? All the information about the payment i see is just the name of the payment provider. 

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k but how can i see if the payments are ging in my acct cause i checked my
paypal and bank acct
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I need that information in the following scenario:
A merchant receives an order and is marked as paid in the order management panel. Due to problem X, the merchant needs to contact the payment provider and identify the problem payment.
As a payment provider, I need the same way to identify the payment. And I don't find a way to get that information on the merchant side.