AssignedFulfillmentOrder delivery method detail?

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In the REST API for AssignedFulfillmentOrder there is an object labeled delivery_method. This object has an id, method type, min_delivery_date_time, and max_delivery_date_time. Unfortunately it doesn't contain the name of the shipping method.


Is there an API end point to get more details about this shipping method?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi @ianneub!

The delivery_method property of a Fulfillment Order object defines only the method used to hand the product to a customer. The use of the word "delivery" here does not mean Shipping, rather it's being used in a generic way. You can see this by examining the valid values for the method_type field of delivery_method: local, pick_up, retail, shipping, or none.


The shipping details you are looking for, ie. the name and more of a shipping service picking up a parcel and delivering it to a customer, are handled by the Fulfillment resource. You can take a look at that page to see there are a lot more shipping specific details.

I would also recommend taking a look at our dev guide on Fulfillment. The guide goes into detail about the different ways your app may need to approach handling fulfillments and has a number of step-by-step examples using both the REST and GraphQL flavours of the Shopify public APIs.

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Hi @ShopifyDevSup this is not very clear to me, recently I got one Order that was split into 2 fulfillment orders, both for the same fulfillment center, the only difference I notice was that they had different delivery_method ids, both had the method_type as shipping.

So I have a few questions:

- Can we list this delivery methods from the API?

- Why would an order split into 2 fulfillment orders with different delivery methods?

- How should fulfillment apps use this deliver_method object?

Thank you!