Building a Custom Cashback Functionality - QUERY

Building a Custom Cashback Functionality - QUERY

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Hi There,

I am in the middle of building a custom Cashback application for a store and am in need of some help. I can't seem to find the best method to maintain a balance of points. These points will need to be spendable which would subtract from the subtotal of the user's next order. Any left over points should be usable in the next order.

Use case:

- Customer makes a purchase/s

- A percentage of this sale is added to your points
- Customer can use some or all of their points to pay for their next order in whole or part.

I have been recommended to use the Gift Cards API by support. The issue with this is you can't add/remove dollars to/from the balance should you need to amend someone's points. This is a huge downfall as if a customer has an existing balance, and creates another order, the only way (that I'm aware of) to add to this balance is to delete the existing gift card, and create a new one. This triggers an email to the user saying "You have a new gift card" which isn't ideal every time there is a change.

I've also been recommended to use discount codes but this is hard to manage if someone doesn't use the full balance of the discount in their order.

I'm here to see if anyone would help me brainstorm alternative solutions for this use case. Any input is greatly appreciated 🙂



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