Bulk operation is taking too long to display any significant objectCount parameter

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First I've tried to upload a 157.1 MB file.

Unbeknownst to me was that Shopify only allows 20 MB files tops for bulk operations, but until that everything was fine.


I divided the file into smaller batches, now instead of over 1.4 M variants I was only trying to modify 157,400 at a time.


I needed to modify the price and the compare at price attribute of each of those variants.


It has been more than 2 hours since the bulk operation has been started, and as I've said, the objectCount is 0.
Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 16.03.14.png


The bulk operation was successful when I tried on a dev environment that I have, and I did another with few variants on production, so both the queries syntax and the overall structure of my jsonl are pretty cool.


It's normal that this happens, that a bulk operation takes this long?


I should upgrade my client account from Advanced to Plus?

What am I doing wrong?


Thanks for your attention.

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