Bulk Operation Mutation metafieldDelete not whitelisted error

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Is there a reason the the metafieldDelete mutation isn't whitelisted?


I'm getting the following error:


{"original_hash":{"data":{"bulkOperationRunMutation":{"bulkOperation":null,"userErrors":[{"message":"Please pass a whitelisted mutation name","field":["mutation"]}]}},"extensions":{"cost":{"requestedQueryCost":10,"actualQueryCost":10,"throttleStatus":{"maximumAvailable":1000.0,"currentlyAvailable":990,"restoreRate":50.0}}}},"data":{"data":{"bulkOperationRunMutation":{"bulkOperation":null,"userErrors":[{"message":"Please pass a whitelisted mutation name","field":["mutation"]}]}},"casted_data":{},"errors":[]},"errors":[],"extensions":{"cost":{"requestedQueryCost":10,"actualQueryCost":10,"throttleStatus":{"maximumAvailable":1000.0,"currentlyAvailable":990,"restoreRate":50.0}}}}

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Hey @hanks 


Sounds like you're aware, but yes  I can confirm that this response would be expected presently - only the mutations listed here are on the whitelist.  When it comes to what's on the list, we're considerate of the behaviour of the mutation and the impact it would have when on Shopify's platform when used in bulk, that provides the main rule of thumb and it's those considerations that are taken into account generally.


I've raised this internally today for our Product Teams attention, I do see the benefits of including MetafieldDelete. Thanks!

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