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Hi , i am trying to run bulk query to get user orders  data between 1.1.2022 until  now.
after ~16 hours the query is completed but i get only partial data (looks like until “2022-05-25T17:28:14Z”). any idea why it can happen?
this is the bulk response ;
     currentBulkOperation: {
          id: 'gid://shopify/BulkOperation/491089821957',
          status: 'COMPLETED',
          errorCode: null,
          createdAt: '2022-10-23T15:17:43Z',
          completedAt: '2022-10-24T06:02:24Z',
          objectCount: '373024',
          fileSize: '350389957',
          url: '[some valid url]',
          partialDataUrl: null

 when trying to run the same query on another company i am getting internal server error. 

i tried it twice:


  can you please help me figure out what happened?
or there is some place where  i can see more informative error?

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Hey @Lio-Finaloop - could you share the X-Request-IDs that you'd receive from us in your response headers for the examples you provided above. This would help us narrow down the exact calls to further investigate. I'm particularly interested in looking at  the example you mentioned where you are receiving only partial data - that is definitely odd. 

Happy to look into this with you - hope to speak with you soon!

Alan | API Support @ Shopify
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