Buy X Get Y - Discount with minimum purchase amount not found

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Found a strange bug:
If you'll create Buy X Get Y with Minimum quantity of items option - all works fine,
however if you're using Minimum purchase amount option it seems like this price rule doesn't even exists.
There are already multiple questions about this here, but in every case the solution was to use GraphQL API instead of REST. But, I am having this issue with the GraphQL API.

On images below, BXGY2 discount isn't in the returned list unless i change from minimum purchase amount to minimum quantity of items as can be seen on the second image.



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Hi @nstokuca 

Is this issue still occurring for you? If so, could you please post the x-request-id from a response where the discount is missing from the response? Thanks!

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Hi @csam 

Yes, it is still ocurring. Here is one request id: ac136e89-7051-4344-acb8-ea380b67e092