Calculate Refund API : Refund line items cannot remove more than the fulfillable quantity

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Yes I am aware there's a previous post :

This was happening on my live Shopify app, the Calculate Refund API returns a HTTP status 422 Error with message "cannot remove more than the fulfillable quantity." , if I set the "restock_type" of the refund_line_items to "cancel".

But if I set it to "return" , then it returns back a proper response, and the "restock_type" returned in the response is "cancel" ! 

This workaround works but I am afraid it might mess up inventory of other orders if the response returned back somehow is not "cancel" if I put in "return" as input.

I would be really thankful if any Shopify Staff can look into this issue as this has caused issues to merchants using my app.

The Request ID is 24f742a0-0e64-48ae-9f94-d86fb5d836f8

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