Calculate Refund - Required parameter missing or invalid

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I'm  trying to use the refund/calculate api via POST to : 







My body is :



        "shipping": {"full_refund": true},
        "refund_line_items": [
            {"line_item_id": 12397092864252, "quantity": 1, "restock_type": "return"}



The error I get is 


    "errors": {
        "refund": "Required parameter missing or invalid"



I have confirmed the order_id and refund_line_id by retrieving the order previously, and cutting and pasting the values across. 


I have tried using location_id, different restock_types, currencies, all with the same result.


The structure of my data is the same to previous solutions of this problem.


I'm making my call via PostMan


I'm totally stumped - grateful for any help.

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Hi @Mat192 ,

Are you sure you're including the "Content-Type:application/json" header, as well as formatting the Body as Raw/JSON in the Postman client? 

We can't provide authenticated support in the forums, but if you've got a valid order and line item id, could you try double checking your formatting in a cURL request using Postman's code generating feature, and sharing that code (without the 
X-Shopify-Access-Token) as well as the X-Request-ID header from the response so I can take a look at our logs?



JamesG | API Support @ Shopify 
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