Can't dump graphql schema, rake task no longer exists (shopify_api:graphql:dump)

Can't dump graphql schema, rake task no longer exists (shopify_api:graphql:dump)

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I'm updating the Shopify API version, and as usually ran this:

rake shopify_api:graphql:dump SHOP_DOMAIN="" ACCESS_TOKEN="shops access token," API_VERSION=api-version


But then got an error "Don't know how to build task 'shopify_api:graphql:dump'"


I ran "rake --tasks" and see that rake task is no longer available. It seems like it got removed after updating shopify_api or shopify_app gem at some point.


Does anyone know how to get that rake task back?


- shopify_api gem version installed: 12.3.0

- shopify_app gem version installed: 21.3.1

- documentation reference:



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Hi @JoesIdeas 👋

Issues with the shopify-api-ruby library can be submitted directly to the public repo here


Hope that helps!


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