Can the write_publications scope be made available to public apps?

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I'm developing a public app that constructs a collection then publishes that collection to a sales channel for our customers. But we are unable to perform that action due to the 'write_publications' scope being unavailable to public apps.

I've spoken to support and there apparently just "isn't enough demand" for this. I don't understand why that is a good enough reason? I understand not spending engineering resources to develop this scope due to lack of demand, but since this scope already exists for private apps, why can't it be turned on for public apps? 


I was told it is unavailable because  "It is most likely due to other apps in the market and how different scopes would affect the competition with different advantages." Does that mean new apps like mine can't enter the market because it will cause competition? Isn't that what a market place is meant for, to provide enhance functionality to better stores? I feel squeezed out of the market place as competition is suffocated due to already existing apps. 


After reading forums about this scope, it sounds like this feature is in demand for public apps, so please consider it. Thanks.

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This appears to have been made recently available to non-Shopify Plus stores. 


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