Cannot query 'Catalogs' on Unstable GraphQL Admin API

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I'm having trouble querying the Catalogs in a shop. The shop has many Markets set up, that I can query successfully. When I execute the query listed in step 1 of 'Getting started with Catalogs' (, I get the following error:

"Field 'catalogs' doesn't exist on type 'QueryRoot'"

How can I resolve this?

The same happens when I try to query the Catalogs field inside a Market, it indicates that the field is not there. Testing it in the GraphQL Admin API Explorer, querying the 'catalogs' works on both 2023-04 (Relase Candidate) and Unstable.


That last part is strange; it does work in the GraphQL Admin API Explorer for the Unstable version, but not in my node client. - Dutch Shopify Experts
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