Change Inventory Location

Change Inventory Location

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I'm trying to simplify how we handle locations on our store.

Currently, we have 3 possible locations for products - 2 'app' locations and a shopify location.

I'm trying to move all products onto a single app location through graphql. 

I've tried using the productVariantUpdate mutation and sending through just the variant id, and inventoryQuantities set with available quantity and location id.

This returns no errors but changes nothing


any ideas? I can't see anything anywhere in the docs that suggest an alternate way of doing thisScreenshot 2022-12-19 135358.jpg

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Hi @Simon20 👋


The `inventoryQuantities` in the `productUpdateVariant` docs highlight that this particular field is meant to be used as an input to the `productVariantCreate` mutation. In order to modify the inventory, we will need to use the `inventoryAdjustQuantity` mutation (or `inventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation`) on the Inventory object directly. There is a great breakdown of the relationships between the inventory resources here as well.


Hope that helps!

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