Re: Checkout Admin API returning 404 not found

Checkout Admin API returning 404 not found

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The Admin Checkout API ( is now returning 404 not found since Jan 31st 7PM UTC time.





This has worked correctly until the above time, after which we've found:

- works for most PLUS stores correctly

- works for some other stores all the time

- works for rest of the stores occasionally


Has a bug been introduced by a change rolled out around that time? or another breaking change introduced?

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@Shopify any updates on this please?

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@Shopify @ShopifyDevSup Are you able to assist with this issue?

I'm unfortunately unable to get much response from Partner Support, it's been 4 weeks and the best response we've been able to get is "it's a known issue but no ETA"


We are also seeing that data from the checkouts API is slow to update, sometimes containing obsolete data.


It looks like this API is operating on a data stream lagging behind from production?


We are also seeing if you login to your Shopify admin as staff/collaborator and use the checkouts endpoint, the data there is often correct.

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Hi @Parcel_Intellig ,


The Admin Checkout API is intended for use with checkouts created by itself in the administration of a sales channel, so with a situation of a 404 a big question is where that token came from, if it's valid, and if that checkout was created by something else (which would not be supported).


Those kinds of specifics aren't something we can look into over the forums. Depending on the use case the new [Shopify Functions] or [Checkout Extensions] might be helpful.


Hope you have a great day

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Hi @ShopifyDevSup 

Thanks for replying!

The checkout token is from the abandoned cart API, referring to this forum post by a retired Shopify staff member this suggests the checkout token is valid:


For a specific store, we visit the abandoned carts API whilst logged in as an admin to extract the checkout token



Then we try to extract via the checkout API using app credentials, i.e.

GET /admin/api/2022-10/checkouts/130eb83e6547f033357dd287ee60a9a6.json

which returns 404 not found (x-request-id: 1a52f5cb-927d-43ad-8842-4a236ceece3b)

However, this will eventually work after a while (seems to be some sort of delay in the data?)


Interestingly, if I use the abandoned checkout url id via the app credentials, I get 404 not found as well

GET /admin/api/2022-10/checkouts/36559739650351.json

x-request-id c0ecb752-2076-4ae1-89f3-d40ab42660d8


but if I access it via my browser whilst logged into a collaborator account, it works!

Request URL:

x-request-id 55d50a14-2d4d-4754-aaa7-4e1e3bea01c2


So we're observing a lot of ambiguity here, it'll be worthwhile to understand why it's doing this so we can avoid issues.


Furthermore, the checkout API doco doesn't say anywhere that it doesn't support usage this way, perhaps it needs to be updated?




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We have been experiencing the same issue since April 26, 2024. We receive checkout information via a webhook, but when we try to retrieve it through the checkouts endpoint, we get a 404 error.
We are aware that the checkouts endpoint is going to be sunsetted in 2025, but it should be working as of now.