Checkout Translation through TranslationResources and TranslationRegister GraphQL

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Hope you all had a good day!!

I want to ask something related to translations. I want change the translation inside checkout page through shopify api with GraphQL using function `TranslationResources` and `TranslationRegister`

I manage to get the checkout translations list using `TranslationResources` with its locale, value, key, and digest.

But when I try to update with updated value (eg: "") inside `TranslationRegister` GraphQL, it said that "locale is invalid", the response is something like below


The payload format that I tried was 



Its kind of weird, because I get the key, locale, and digest from `TranslationResources` something like this 


It's "en" locale which is active by default. 


Am I missing something? Why the error is "locale is invalid" when "en" locale was retrieved from `TranslationResources`?

Thank you

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