Checkout UI Extension integration with Shopify App

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I'm working on creating a product offer checkout ui extension and while I'm able to add/remove the extension to checkout page using the checkout editor of Shopify. It seems an extra step to add/remove the extension separately from the checkout editor instead of the app UI.

It would be a good UX if merchants are able to enable and disable the ui extension from the app ui or If we can show them in the app ui that whether the checkout extension is enabled or not.

Looking at the GraphQl Admin API and the REST API. I couldn't find an API which allows us to know whether the extensions is enabled/disabled or the ability to toggle it on/off.

For example, we can query 

app {
through the GraphQl admin API to know if our post-purchase extension is in use. Can you please point me to something similar for checkout ui extensions?

This would be helpful in cases where we want an existing merchant to switch to checkout extensions from existing checkout.liquid based solution and we can make it more seamless for the merchants, through our App UI. 
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