Collection Metafields not returned on webhook events

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We have webhooks setup on our API listening to create and update collections. We are using the REST Admin API. When setting up the webhooks we specific all of the metafield namespaces we're interested in and these are confirmed when the setup webhook endpoints are hit.


However when we change metafield values in Shopify the webhook reaches our API but with no metafield values.


Do collections support metafields being returned via webhooks?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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@jg_va thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce and have flagged this inconsistency with the appropriate team so someone will be looking into this.


Until we have a fix in place the only guidance I can offer would be make a call back into shopify to retrieve the metafields for the collection receiving the update.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi Jesse,


Thank you for the update and very appreciative of raising this internally - unfortunately we wouldn't be able to request the metafields on receipt of the webhook as I fear we would very quickly hit the API limits (we get a lot of webhooks).

We've setup a daily sync of the metafields for the time being but this is creating a lot of latency on our platform.


All the best,