Re: Confusing concepts in Shopify Python API

Confusing concepts in Shopify Python API

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I am new to Shopify API and it seems to me the Shopify Python API are mixing up or confuse new comers like me.

In their Getting Started section on they mention API_KEY and the PASSWORD. But what is PASSWORD ?Is it the password I use to user name to connect to my Shopify webshop or other? I can only generate or find API_KEY and "API secret key" (nothing about PASSWORD) in my app. It mentions also SHARED_SECRET. What is that and where I can generate or find that? 

I have not been able to connect via API to my app due to confusing concepts here in this API documentation.

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I am confused too. I used 'shared_secret' in the private app for webhook verification. Where I can find 'shared_secret' for new custom apps?..

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Hi @shapano and @get4137 


Thanks for your questions regarding which credentials to use with the Python API. The first example in the tutorial showing PASSWORD is for a private app. Private apps have been discontinued - while pre-existing private apps will continue to work, you are not able to create new ones. Rather, you will now be creating a custom app, either via the partner admin or directly in your Shopify shop admin. The custom app uses the API key and API secret key, rather than the password. 


It looks like this: 


Hope this helps!


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