Create New fulfillment via REST API returns 500

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I'm trying to add a new fulfillment using rest API 



and I'm getting 500 internal server error.


X-Request-ID : 8789a25e-f427-418a-b0cd-bcfa8c852e60


location id is valid and exists.






  "fulfillment": {
    "location_id": loc_id,
    "tracking_number": "tracking_number",
    "tracking_urls": [



Thank you,


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It seems to work now. Perhaps a service outage, if someone from Shopify can please confirm ?

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It looks the endpoint is deprecated in the version 2022-04 I guess that might be a reason of unstable service. Fulfillment Orders API to be used now, here is a guide for a new way of fulfillment

However in docs on 2022-04 Fulfillment API still exists, however now it seems to require providing `fulfillment_order_id`.