Creating a draft on an instance on a specific market

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I have a question.

I have an instance where I have 10 different markets. The main market is PL

I want to create a draft on this instance on the DE market how to do it?

I am sending this data


I have something like this:


        $order = [
            "email" => $data['email'],
            "line_items" =>
            "shipping_address" => [
                "first_name"    => $data['customer']['first_name'],
                "last_name"     => $data['customer']['last_name'],
                "address1"      => $data['customer']['address1'],
                "phone"         => $data['customer']['phone'],
                "city"          => $data['customer']['city'],
                "zip"           => $data['customer']['zip'],
                'country'       => self::getNameCountryForCode(strtoupper($data['customer']['country_code'])),
           "shipping_line" => [
                'title'     => $data['delivery'],
                'price'     => $data['price_delivery']

how to add the id of the market so that the draft is assigned there.

on this particular market there is a different currency than on the main one.



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