Creating a new product and add to specific sales channels

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I am developing a private app for a customer on shopify plus. The store already has the `write_publications` scope enabled. When creating a new product, not all products go to all sales channels.


Looking at the GQL api for `productCreate`, I can see that I'm currently able to set the `ProductInput.productPublications` field to specify which sales channels this new product should be published to. However, that field is deprecated. It is convenient to be able to publish a product AND specify channels in one request. My current thinking for a workaround is:


1. Publish the product with a "draft" status

2. Use `productPublish(...)` to set the appropriate sales channels for the product

3. Use `productUpdate(status='active')` to set the status active


Does anyone know how to perform this operation in 1 request (as opposed to 3?)

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